For 8 days I looked after two cats and chickens, feeding them, checking water and making sure they were all ok. I visited them once daily. I look after them whenever their owners are away.  

The gorgeous little Pixel boarded with us for the weekend. It’s his first stay but settled very well! We had him for a few hours for a couple of days to get used to us and he’s really made himself at home! I also visit him ad hoc when his owners are out for as period of time, if we […]

I’m house sitting for 4 nights looking after the gorgeous Elsa. There are also a number of ducks and chickens to look on daily, too. I walk her each week Monday to Friday and house sit regularly too. She’s a very well behaved girl who enjoys a cuddle on the sofa!  

I house sat for 4 nights looking after two horses, two Black Labradors and two cats! They’re a lovely bunch! I have worked for this family since the start of my business and visit 2-4 times per week.

I’m looking after the very affectionate Button for five days. He loves a good fuss and his food! I look after this lovely lad whenever his owners are away.

Beautiful day looking after this lovely lot! I visited Aurora the Retriever and three cats twice today whilst their owner was out. They’re all great friends. I look after them regularly and house sit too.

I’m looking after the gorgeous Teddy and Violet for a week. I’m visiting each day, feeding them, changing their litter and checking they’re OK. There are also chickens to check on and feed too. I work regularly for this family, whenever they are away.  

This is the gorgeous Button! He is the most affectionate, friendly boy. I am visiting him twice daily for 2 weeks whilst his owners are away  

I’m looking after the very sweet Aurora and two cats for 7 days. The cats are elderly and require medication each day, alongside a lot of attention! Aurora loves her walks and a cuddle on the sofa. I also do regular visits during the day when their owner is out, walking Aurora and topping up the cats’ food. I am […]

For 8 days I’m looking after Sammy, visiting him twice a day. He’s a very affectionate boy who loves company… and his food!