This handsome chap is Button. I visited him each day for a week whilst his owners were away. I work regularly for this family.

For two weeks I visited twice daily to chickens and three cats. I let the chickens out in the mornings and put them away at dusk, checking on their feed and water and feeding the cats too. I work regularly for this family throughout the year.

For 10 days I looked after the beautiful Luna, the Ragdoll. I visited each day, feeding her, freshening her water and changing the litter tray. I look after her whenever her owners are away.

For four days I’m visiting twice daily looking after chickens and 3 cats. They’re fed twice a day and water refreshed. I work regularly for this family and am booked in throughout the year.

Sleeping beauties. I’m looking in on these four girls today for a few hours. Bolly is a 5 month old German Shepherd puppy who is settling in nicely. Lulu the Older GSD loves her and is being a great mother figure to Bolly! Chick and Ellie the JRT’s are happy to chill out away from the pup!  

Cute as a Button. I’m looking after this lovely lad, Button, for 3.5 weeks. I’ll be feeding him, changing his water daily and providing company. He’s a very affectionate boy

For 4 weeks, I’m visiting these two twice a day. I let them out early in the morning and clean out their run and put them to bed at night. They are very funny!

I looked after this lovely lot for a week, visiting them twice daily. I let the chickens and guineapig out each morning and put them to bed at dusk. The cats were fed twice daily and litter box checked.

Little Pixel is boarding with us for 3 nights. We love having him stay! He loves nothing more than cuddles. He uses the day care service and home boarding service regularly.  

This is the lovely Bilbo who I visited once daily to feed, check his water and to make sure he was ok. This was for two weeks whilst his owners were away.