House sitting- Elsa

I house sat for ten nights looking after Elsa the Weimaraner. I look after her regularly and walk her Monday to Friday each week. Gus and Alice are walked with her as they all adore one another!    

House sitting- Elsa

I’m back looking after the very sweet Elsa for 2 weeks. I love looking after this girl and she makes a great TV buddy in the evenings! I house sit regularly and walk her Monday to Friday each week, also.

House sitting- Boo and 2 ducks

I’m looking after this lovely bunch for a week! Boo the elderly Cocker Spaniel and two ducks. Boo is still a very lively boy and adores his food! He’s very good friends with the ducks too!  

House sitting- Elsa

I’m looking after the gorgeous Elsa again for 4 Weeks. I walk her each day from Monday to Friday and house sit regularly.

House sitting- Elsa

I’m house sitting for 2 weeks looking after this gorgeous girl, Elsa the Weimaraner. I house sit regularly and also walk Elsa Monday to Friday each week.  

We are looking after the very lovely Toffee the Sprocker and Darcy the Cockerpoo for 12 days. They love their walks and Darcy especially loves cuddles! I walk them once a week, also, and have house sat on many occasions too.

I’m  looking after Boo the Cocker Spaniel and two Aylesbury ducks for four nights. They are all very sweet and enjoy their walks together! I look after this wonderful lot when their owners are away.

I’m house sitting for 4 nights looking after two horses (Rocco and Woody), two Black Labradors (Poppy and Welly) and two cats (Ziggy and Louis). I work regularly for this family, visiting at least twice a week, mucking out and walking the dogs.

I’m house sitting for two nights looking after beautiful Elsa and some chickens. She really enjoys her walks and is a lovely girl. I house sit regularly and walk her each week, Monday to Friday. I take other dogs that I walk to join Elsa for her walks too. They all love the company!

House sitting- Bunny

This is Bunny the Newfoundland! I’m house sitting for 2 weeks looking after this gorgeous girl. She’s ever so sweet and has lots of character. I took my dog, Gus, to walk with Bunny and they got on famously! I also walk her once a week whilst her owners are working longer hours.