I’m back looking after this gang for a week! Bolly and LouLou the German Shepherds and Ellie and Chick the Jack Russells. Bolly is only 7 months old but she has very good teachers so she’s maturing quickly! The Jack Russells just love a cuddle!  

I’m house sitting for 8 nights caring for two horses, Rocco and Woody, two dogs, Welly and Poppy, and two cats, Louis and Ziggy! I work regularly for this family, visiting throughout the week and house sitting whenever they are away.

I’m house sitting for two nights looking after the gorgeous Elsa. She’s getting on a bit now so enjoys a good snooze! She’s on medication which I have to give to her each morning. I also walk her Monday to Friday as well as house sit throughout the year.

I house sat for a week looking after two German Shepherds, LouLou and Bolly and two Jack Russells, Chick and Ellie. Bolly is only 6 months old but she is learning from the others and has grown up quickly! I’m house sitting again in July for a week.

Maddie is a rescue dog from Romania. Despite her start in life she is an extremely affectionate and laid back girl. I walk her 1-2 times per week and regularly house sit too. I looked after her for three nights and have more stays booked in July, August and September.

I’ve been walking these two cuties, Roxi and Ted, each lunchtime for the past two weeks. I walk them whenever their owners need extra help and house sit whenever they are away.

This little girl is Poppy the West Highland and she’s very cute! I did a three night house sit looking after her.

This handsome chap is Rocco, a Hungarian Viszla. He’s a lively lad but extremely affectionate and does love his cuddles! I house sat for 3 nights looking after him. I house sit whenever his owners are away and I also walk him 1-2 times per week.

I looked after a menagerie of animals for a week, consisting of two dogs, Welly and Poppy, two cats, Louis and Ziggy and two horses, Rocco and Woody! I work regularly for this family and have done since the start of my business and I house sit whenever they are away.

I house sat for a week looking after two dogs, Roxi and Ted, and a cat Rio. They’re all best buds and are very cute! I house sit regularly for this family and dog walk for them when they need extra help.