For 6 days I visited two cats and chickens, feeding them, checking water and cleaning out the cats’ litter tray and the chickens nest box. I work for this family whenever they’re away.

For 8 days, I visited two cats, two rabbits and a number of chickens, twice daily. Duties included feeding and replenishing their water and cleaning the hens and rabbits out. I look after these animals whenever their owners are away.

Aurora is a lovely, young Retriever who is a lively girl! I walked her twice on one day when her owner was out. I also fed her three cats. I look after these animals regularly, whether it’s feeding the cats, dog walking or house sitting.

I looked after the gorgeous Elsa overnight. The family also have a number of chickens that needed feeding.  house sit regularly for this family and also walk her Monday to Friday each week. She’s a lovely girl who enjoys the company of other dogs.

For two weeks I looked after cats and chickens, visiting them twice daily. I would let the chickens out in the morning, fee them and the cats. In the evenings I would shut the chickens away and feed the cats again. I work for this family each time they are away.

For five days I am visiting a number of animals twice daily. This involves feeding and checking the animals’ water and clearing out the chickens and rabbits hutches.

I am looking after chickens and three cats for four days. I’m visiting them twice daily to feed, check water and put away and let out the chickens. I work regularly for this family and am booked again for two weeks in June.

For two nights I looked after a dog and three cats. Aurora is only 7 months old and is undergoing a lot of training! I keep up with her training, when I look after her, by her owner’s instruction and she is improving very well. two of the cats are very elderly and require medication which is administered daily. I look after […]

For two weeks I house sat, looking after dogs and ponies. The ponies’ routines included clearing the field of muck daily, feeding, checking water and rigging up each night alongside some light grooming. I work for this family regularly, anything from visits to house sitting.

I have a new job, whereby twice a week I visit Ted and Alfie, letting them out and feeding them and spending a bit of time with them. They are extremely friendly boys and a joy to look after!