For four days I’m looking after Aurora the Golden Retriever and two cats, Oli and Jess. Aurora is only 6 months old so she’s full of life and energy! Oli is an elderly cat who needs medication administered each day.

I house sat for five days looking after the lovely Elsa! I look after her regularly and walk her every week from Monday to Friday. There was also a number of chickens and ducks to feed, water and check on.

I’m looking after Tilly the cat for a month, popping in daily to feed her and replenish her water. She is a feral cat who adopted her new family! She keeps her distance so I don’t see her much but she certainly likes her food!

I’m looking after Fred the Border Terrier, two cats and chickens for 5 days, visiting them all twice daily. I have worked for this family a few times before and am booked in again in May.

I’m looking after the gorgeous Elsa for ten days. She’s a very well behaved girl who loves her walks. I take Ozzy and Gus to walk with her too and they love it! There are also a number of chickens and ducks to feed, water and check on daily. I work regularly for this family, walking Elsa Monday to Friday each week.

For 3 days over the New Year, I looked after two lovely rabbits. I checked on them once daily and replenished their food and water. I look after them whenever their owners are away.

Over Christmas I visited four chickens daily to check on them and replenish their food and water. I did this from Christmas Eve until the 27th.

For 2 days I looked after two gorgeous house cats and four chickens. I visited them once daily, checking on them and replenishing their food and water. I also had the chickens to check on each day.

I looked after two beautiful cats for three days. They are very friendly cats who love a lot of fuss! I popped in twice daily to check on them, feed them and replenish their water.

For ten days I looked after Tilly the cat. She is quite feral and “found” her new family who feed and look after her (when they see her!) I popped in everyday to replenish her food and water.