I’m house sitting for 8 nights caring for two horses, Rocco and Woody, two dogs, Welly and Poppy, and two cats, Louis and Ziggy! I work regularly for this family, visiting throughout the week and house sitting whenever they are away.

For 8 days I house sat looking after Woody the 32 year old pony, Mango the Viszla and two cats, Lily and Basil. Woody was bright in at night due to the cold weather and his age. I’d turn him out in the morning’s and muck out. Mango is a very lively, but sweet, girl.

I house sat for this gang for 8 days! I work regularly for this family, helping with the animals twice a week in the summer and more in the winter. I house sit whenever they are away, also. The horses are checked on everyday and the poo picking is done and the dogs come with me to help! I’m booked […]

Equine care- Three ponies

I checked on three ponies daily, giving them hay, filling water and poo picking the fields. It is a very hot summer and Barney hates the flies so he wore his fly mask to keep them at bay.

Horse care- Three ponies

I’ve been looking after three ponies for 7 days. I’ve been visiting them once a day, checking they’re ok, feeding them and mucking out.

I’m house sitting for 4 nights looking after two horses (Rocco and Woody), two Black Labradors (Poppy and Welly) and two cats (Ziggy and Louis). I work regularly for this family, visiting at least twice a week, mucking out and walking the dogs.

For four days I looked after two dogs (Millie and Ben) and three ponies. The two Shetlands (Pixie and Stanley) are on limited grass over the summer, due to the possibility of them getting laminitis, so they were only out for half of the day. Stanley also needed medication each morning. I mucked out each day and cleared the fields […]

I house sat for 4 nights looking after two horses, two Black Labradors and two cats! They’re a lovely bunch! I have worked for this family since the start of my business and visit 2-4 times per week.

Rocco and Woody are two lovely boys who are being stabled at night due to the cold temperatures. I work for this family up to 5 times per week, looking after the horses and also their two Black Labradors, Welly and Poppy! I house sit a few times per year also.

Equine care- Woody

I’m looking after the lovely Woody for 6 days. He’s an elderly boy but still full of spirit! As the temperatures have dropped, I bring him in each evening, feed him and check he is ok.