Nelly boo will be using my home boarding service for four days. I will be visiting the other animals (thirteen tortoises, two rats, three sheep, two toads and a cat!) daily to feed them and check they are all OK.

I am house sitting again looking after Saffy and Twiggy over the Bank Holiday weekend, for four days. Saffy also came over to play with Ozzy and Gus!

I look after two Shetland ponies and a number of other animals, 8 cats, ducks and chickens, for a family when they are away on holiday. I visit them once daily to check they are all OK and making sure their feed and water troughs are full. It is also important in the Summer months to be sure the ponies […]

I have house sat several times for this family looking after Nelly Boo a Chocolate Lab, a cat, 13 tortoises, 3 sheep, 2 rats and 2 toads. There is quite a menagerie! Nelly Boo has also used my home boarding service on several occasions and enjoys playing with Gus and our other home boarders at the time!

For six days we had Saffy the Golden Labrador using our home boarding service as I was already house sitting elsewhere over this time. Nelly Boo the Chocolate Lab was also using the home boarding service! Twiggy the cat used the pet sitting service and I popped in once daily to feed and check on her throughout this time.