For sixteen days I will be looking after a number of animals. I will be visiting them daily, checking they are all well, feeding them and cleaning them out. I have worked for this family since the start of my business and pet sit on a regular basis.

For an afternoon, I looked after Toast the Jack Russell, chickens and a tortoise, while their owners were out for the day.

Over a weekend I looked after three Weimaraners, visiting them 4 times a day, walking and feeding them while their owner was working long hours. I also had to look after a number of chickens. I walk these dogs from Monday to Friday every week, also.

I had to let out and feed three dogs and check on three ponies for a few days. I work regularly for this family and have also house sat for them.

For six days, Nelly the Chocolate Labrador came to stay. She’s a gorgeous girl who is very sociable with other dogs. I checked on the other animals each day which comprised of three sheep, nine tortoises, a rat, a cat and two toads. I work regularly for this family, house sitting and dog walking, also. Nelly is booked in for […]

For 11 days I will be visiting two Dalmatians twice daily to walk and feed them while their owners are working long hours. The are very lively dogs who enjoy a good walk!

I will be feeding and checking on three ponies for a day, alongside walking and feeding two dogs, while their owners are away for the day. I work regularly for this family.

I’ll be looking after three Dachshunds for the day while their owner is out. They are a very lively bunch who love attention! I walk and pet sit these dogs on a regular basis.

Over a weekend, I will be visiting three dogs four times a day while their owner is working long hours. This entails feeding them early in the mornings, walking them at lunch, feeding them early in the evenings and popping back before bed to let them out, I will also be looking after a number of chickens, feeding them and […]

For two days I will be popping in to see to a number of animals as their owners are out all day. I will be walking the dog and feeding the chickens and tortoise.