Home boarding- Lizzie

We had a very sweet Lizzie the Cocker Spaniel boarding with us for 4 nights. She’s a quiet girl who loves affection and, of course, her walks!

Home boarding- Hugo

Hugo the Cockerpoo is back for 5 weeks! We love having this boy, he really is part of the family. Gus adores him, they’re best buddies!

Home boarding- Floyd

Little Floyd, the Shihtzu X, boarded with us for 4 nights. He’s a lively chap who loves a good game and his walks! He boards with us regularly. I also walk Floyd when his owner is working longer hours.

Looking after these cuties for 2 Weeks! I’m house sitting with two dogs, Roxy and Teddy, and Rio the cat. The dogs are a lively pair who love their walks and a game with Rio! I also walk them when their owners are working long hours or are out for the day.

Home boarding- Pixel

Little Pixel the Dachshund uses the day care service 1-2 times per week and also boards with us over weekends too. He is such a cutie and we love it when he stays! Luckily we see him often.  

Home boarding- Hugo

Hugo the Cockerpoo is boarding with us for 5 weeks! He boards with us regularly and has done since he was young. He really is part of our family and we love having him stay… as does Gus!

Home boarding- Alice

The lovely Alice is with us for a week. She really is the laziest dog and we love having her stay! She loves nothing more than catching 40 winks and having a cuddle. I also walk Alice Monday to Friday each week.

Home boarding- Jack

This is the very elderly Jack, who is a whopping 18 years old! He still has a spring in his step and loves a cuddle. He boarded with us for 3 nights.

Home boarding- Heidi

Heidi the Hungarian Viszla X Slovakian Pointer is boarding with us for 4 nights. She’s a lovely girl who loves her walks and a good game with Gus! She certainly has no trouble making herself at home!

We have Hugo back for another visit! We love having him stay, he’s one of Gus’s best friends! He boarded with us for 3 nights and he’s also booked in for 5 weeks in October.