House sitting- Bunny

This is Bunny the Newfoundland! I’m house sitting for 2 weeks looking after this gorgeous girl. She’s ever so sweet and has lots of character. I took my dog, Gus, to walk with Bunny and they got on famously! I also walk her once a week whilst her owners are working longer hours.

The very sweet Alice, the Whippet X, is using the day care service. She loves her walks and certainly gets some speed up, but is very lazy in the house! We walked her with Gus, Evie (who is with us for 2 weeks) and Elsa (who I am walking over the weekend). I also walk Alice Monday to Friday each […]

This is the very cute Alice. She is boarding with us for a week. She loves nothing more than a lovely snooze on a sofa, our beds and occasionally her own bed! I also walk Alice each week, Monday to Friday.

I’m walking the very energetic Dexter twice a day for four days. He loves his walks and a good game! I walk him ad hoc when his owners are extra busy.

Dog walking- Monty and Max

These lovely boys are Monty and Max! I am walking them 5 times per week whilst their owner is recovering from an operation. They’re very sweet boys who enjoy their walks.

I’m house sitting for 4 nights looking after the gorgeous Elsa. There are also a number of ducks and chickens to look on daily, too. I walk her each week Monday to Friday and house sit regularly too. She’s a very well behaved girl who enjoys a cuddle on the sofa!  

I house sat for 4 nights looking after two horses, two Black Labradors and two cats! They’re a lovely bunch! I have worked for this family since the start of my business and visit 2-4 times per week.

I’m walking this lovely boy, Harry, once a week whilst his owners are at work. He’s a lovely lad who loves his walks!

I’m house sitting for ten days looking after the lovely Toffee the Sprocker and Darcie the Cockerpoo! I walk them each week and also house sit. I’ve worked for this family since I started my business, about 7 years ago!