For 8 days I looked after this lovely bunch! Lulu the German Shepherd and Chick and Ellie the Jack Russels. They’re very sweet girls. I’m booked in to house sit again a few times in the year.

I walk this beauty Monday to Friday each week and we also have her to stay when her owners are away. We had her home board for 10 days and we love having her stay! She settles in very quickly.

Dog walking- Poppy

I’ve started walking this lovely girl 1-2 times per day, Monday to Friday each week. She’s only 7 months old, so still learning! She loves her walks.

Dog walking- Crumble

I walk the very beautiful and sweet Crumble, a rescue Lurcher from Ireland. She’s a very nervous girl but is coming out of her shell a bit more now, knowing she can tryst the people around her. I walk her twice a week.

Albie is a Schnauzer X Poodle abs extremely cute! He’s a puppy with a big personality but learning quickly. I walk this young boy Monday to Thursday each week.

Dog walking- Snickers

This is Snickers the Chocolate Labrador. He’s a lovely chap who thoroughly enjoys his walks! I walk him ad hoc, when his owners are visiting Tenterden. I’m walking him Tuesday to Friday this week.

House sitting- Elsa

I house sat for ten nights looking after Elsa the Weimaraner. I look after her regularly and walk her Monday to Friday each week. Gus and Alice are walked with her as they all adore one another!    

House sitting- Elsa

I’m back looking after the very sweet Elsa for 2 weeks. I love looking after this girl and she makes a great TV buddy in the evenings! I house sit regularly and walk her Monday to Friday each week, also.

House sitting- Elsa

I’m looking after the gorgeous Elsa again for 4 Weeks. I walk her each day from Monday to Friday and house sit regularly.

Home boarding- Floyd

Little Floyd, the Shihtzu X, boarded with us for 4 nights. He’s a lively chap who loves a good game and his walks! He boards with us regularly. I also walk Floyd when his owner is working longer hours.