I walk Jackson every Monday and Thursday. He’s a lovely boy who enjoys his walks! I meet my mum with our dogs, Gus and Ozzy, who absolutely love him!

Dog walking- Woody and Asti

Beautiful Woody and Asti! I’m walking them everyday for three weeks. They’re very sweet dogs who love their walks and to play with other dogs. I walk regularly for this family.

Dog walking- Handsome Harry!

Walking “Handsome Harry”! I walk Harry every Monday and Tuesday but I have been walking him more the past few weeks while his owners have been at work. He’s a lovely young lad who loves other dogs to play with!    

For nine days I will be looking after the lovely Elsa and a number of chickens! I walk Elsa everyday from Monday to Friday and also house sit when her owner is away. She’s a very well behaved girl who also enjoys a visit from my dogs, Gus and Ozzy!

I looked after little Fred for 8 days, he’s a lovely lad, who loves company and his walks.  The other members of the household include two cats and three chickens, who I will check on daily, feed and replenish water.

I am walking lovely Boo for 7 days while his owners are working long hours. He’s a very well behaved little lad and I thoroughly enjoyed walking him! I have also house sat for this family for ten days back in March.

I look after Elsa on a regular basis, walking her each week from Monday to Friday and house sitting regularly too. Elsa is a lovely girl who loves her walks! There are also a number of chickens that I check on daily and feed and change their water.  

I am walking Otto twice daily for the next five weeks whilst his owner is working long hours. I am also feeding him morning and afternoon after each walk. He’s a lovely dog who loves his walks! I have walked him every morning since January and will continue to do so again after these five weeks. I am also checking on the […]

For nine days I looked after lovely Elsa! She’s a gorgeous girl who I have walked every Monday to Friday for three years now and I house sit regularly too. There are also a number of chickens and ducks to check on, feed and water daily.  

I am visiting and walking Purdey ad hoc. She is only 5 months old so she still has a lot to learn. She is very sweet and growing very fast!