I’m looking after this gang for 9 nights! Albie, the Schnoodle, is a very lively lad, he’s got tons of energy and loves to play. Ted and Violet the cats just enjoy the quiet life! I walk Albie Monday to Thursday each week and look after the animals when the family are away.  

I’m house sitting for 8 nights caring for two horses, Rocco and Woody, two dogs, Welly and Poppy, and two cats, Louis and Ziggy! I work regularly for this family, visiting throughout the week and house sitting whenever they are away.

House sitting- Hamish

I’m house sitting for 5 days looking after this gorgeous lad. He’s diabetic so requires a strict diet and injections twice daily. He loves cuddles and a game with his beloved toys!    

House sitting- Elsa

I’ve looked after this beautiful girl for 6 years now, walking her Monday to Friday each week and house sitting whenever her owner is away. I am currently doing a 3 week house sit and booked throughout the year. I take other dogs I walk to walk with Elsa and they all love it!

For 8 days I house sat looking after Woody the 32 year old pony, Mango the Viszla and two cats, Lily and Basil. Woody was bright in at night due to the cold weather and his age. I’d turn him out in the morning’s and muck out. Mango is a very lively, but sweet, girl.

Dog walking- Maddie

This beautiful girl is a rescue from Romania. She is only young but she’s already had at least one litter of puppies. She was rescued and brought to England and has now got such a lovely life! She’s ever so sweet. She was quite reluctant to go for walks at first but she’s improved dramatically. I walk her every Tuesday […]

House sitting-Dave

This little lad is Dave. He’s a Pug X Chihuahua with a big personality! I house sat for 2.5 weeks looking after him. I also walk him once a week. I’ve got further house sitting bookings with this boy.

These three are best buds! Ted the Poodle X Shih Tzu, Roxy the Jack Russell X and Rio the cat. They all get on so well together. I looked after this gang for a week in October and I’m booked in again in June.

I walk this boy twice a day up to three times a week. He’s only a pup (5months old) and has quite a lot to learn! He is very cute though!

I house sat for this gang for 8 days! I work regularly for this family, helping with the animals twice a week in the summer and more in the winter. I house sit whenever they are away, also. The horses are checked on everyday and the poo picking is done and the dogs come with me to help! I’m booked […]