I will be feeding and checking on three ponies for a day, alongside walking and feeding two dogs, while their owners are away for the day. I work regularly for this family.

I had to feed three ponies and walk and feed two dogs while their owners were out for the day. They often take day trips out, so I pop in and see to the animals.

For three weeks I will be caring for three dogs and one pony. The dogs were rescued from Dubai many years ago so require a lot of fuss and companionship. One of the dogs requires medication when needed, so I will administer that whilst I am there. The pony lives out so I will just need to feed him daily […]

Over three days I had to feed, water and muck out three ponies and also feed and walk two dogs. The daily routine also included checking on the ponies and making sure there were no injuries and that also their rugs hadn’t slipped.

I am back house sitting for a family with three rescue dogs from Dubai. They also have a pony who is turned out all year and just requires checking on daily and water topping up. I house sit regularly for this family so know the animals well.  

I am house sitting for 11 days looking after three rescue dogs and a pony. The dogs were rescued a number of years ago after having an awful start in life in Dubai. Their owners brought them over to the UK where they are now living a very lovely lifestyle! They require a lot of fuss and attention as they […]

I look after two Shetland ponies and a number of other animals, 8 cats, ducks and chickens, for a family when they are away on holiday. I visit them once daily to check they are all OK and making sure their feed and water troughs are full. It is also important in the Summer months to be sure the ponies […]

I have been mucking out, bringing in and feeding three horses since November 2012 throughout the Winter months. They are turned out during the Summer, therefore mucking out is no longer needed, however I will be clearing the fields of muck 2-4 times a week throughout the Spring and Summer to prevent worms and to keep the pasture in good […]