These two lovely lads are being brought in at night throughout the cold spell. They’re given hard feed and haylage for some extra sustenance! I look after Rocco and Woody anything from three to six days per week, feeding them, mucking out and keeping the fields clear from muck. I also look after the family’s three Black Labradors, walking and […]

For three days during December I will be visiting two dogs and three ponies. Walking and feeding the dogs and topping up the ponies’ hay and making sure they are ok. I work regularly for this family and have house sat before. I am booked in for house sitting in May for a week.

For 6 days I house sat, looking after two dogs, Hilton and Polly and a pony, Patch. As the weather has turned cold, I had to give Patch hay every morning and to check the water was unfrozen. I house sit regularly and am booked in again for two weeks in June.

I will be visiting three ponies and two dogs for three days. I will feed and let the dogs out and also check on the ponies to see they are ok. I have house sat several times before and also visit the animals regularly.  

My morning so far…I’m house sitting for three days, looking after two horses, three dogs and Twiggy the deer for three days! My first job was to check they were all ok first thing. Then I had a dog walk with Dickens the English Sheepdog, then a nice walk with Toffee the Spaniel, home boarder Hugo and Oz and Gus.

For three days I will be looking after a selection of animals! I work regularly for this family, anything from three to six days per week so know the animals very well.

For ten days I looked after a number of animals. The three dogs were rescues from Dubai so require lots of attention. One of the dogs Fifi had to have eye drops given daily. For Patch the horse, he just wanted his apples and carrots every morning!

For a week I will be checking on one pony, daily, making sure he is OK and that his water is clean and filled up. I will also be clearing his field of muck which helps to prevent worms and is an important part of any horse’s routine.

For three days I will be looking after three dogs and one pony. I house sit regularly for this family, so know the animals and the house well. The dogs were rescued form Dubai many years ago so require a lot of fuss and attention!

I had to let out and feed three dogs and check on three ponies for a few days. I work regularly for this family and have also house sat for them.