I will be visiting a selection of animals to feed and check on them whilst their owners are out for the day. I also had to walk the dog. I work regularly for this family, so know the animals and house well.

I will be looking after three Weimaraners for a week whilst their owner is working long hours. I will be feeding and walking them early in the mornings and returning again at lunchtime and teatime for feeding and walking. I will also be doing a late night visit every evening, letting the dogs out before bed. I have walked the […]

Vet appointment: Mungo and Magic

I dog walk regularly for a lady with three Dachshunds in Benenden and also take the dogs to their vet appointments when needed, as their owner cannot drive. Mungo and Magic both needed their claws trimmed so i took them to the vets to have them done.

Sadie is using the home boarding service for 8 days. She is a very quiet dog who enjoys relaxing! I look after her regularly, whether it be for dog walking or home boarding.

I am house sitting for four days looking after a rather large Old English Sheepdog! I have walked him twice a week every week since the start of my business and have also house sat at least once a year. He requires a lot of grooming which I do everyday whilst looking after him.

I house sat for 9 days looking after two dogs, Millie and Toffee, two budgies, two rabbits and 4 chickens. I have walked Millie and Toffee on a weekly basis since the start of my business and they have also used the day care/ home boarding service. I am due to house sit again for two weeks in February 2014.

I am house sitting again looking after Saffy and Twiggy over the Bank Holiday weekend, for four days. Saffy also came over to play with Ozzy and Gus!

I am walking Tilly three times a week while her owners are at work . She’s only 6 months old so is very playful. She is now getting used to walking more, as she wasn’t too keen at first!

Maurice the Wire Haired Dacshund came to stay for a long weekend playing with our dog Gus and other home boarder at the time, Nelly Boo! He has used our day care and overnight boarding service several times and i have also house sat on occasions. I have walked Maurice on a weekly basis for several years now.

I have walked Poppy for several years now and she has also used my day care service on a number of occasions. I also house sat for ten days looking after Poppy.  She has a few medical conditions which means she is on  number of tablets for her to take strictly in the mornings and evenings.